Harmony Path School arose from our highly successful review course. This review prepares students to take the State Medical Board examination in Massage Therapy. Working as a team, Frank Schwartz and Roseann Terry have been helping students to perform their best on the examination. This is done by giving them clear, precise information that is focused on the main concepts to understand, and by giving them centering and stress management skills that aid them in remaining calm, present, and alert in the learning and testing environments.

During the course of the many years that we have offered the review, we have had students enroll from 57 different massage schools, from Ohio and from other states. Many of these students shared with us what they felt were the deficiencies of their prior training at the various schools. They also shared how wonderfully they felt we had prepared them for the examination, and expressed the wish that they could have been trained by us from the very beginning. They stated that they thought they would have grasped much more knowledge of both the basic sciences (anatomy and physiology) and also massage therapy (theory and practice), and would have been better able to integrate all this information, and acquire the skills to retain it.

It was only a small step to proceed from these expressed student wishes to the concept of creating our own school. A school that is the nucleus of a learning community. A school that treats its students with dignity and compassion. A school that attempts to avoid the many shortcomings related about other massage schools. A school that is environmentally and socially conscious. A great place to learn.

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