Harmony Path School of Massage Therapy
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If you are contemplating a career in Massage (either as a Practitioner or as a Therapist), or need a great review to prepare for the boards, or are interested in Yoga therapy or classes, you've found the place and the people!

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UPDATE 4/5/2004: We are now accepting applications and interviews for the September 2004 class, which will take place on Thursdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm and begins September 16th.
If you are planning to attend this class please:
1) submit your application and request for the PE form, and
2) have your high school transcripts sent to Harmony Path, and
3) call to schedule your interview

UPDATE 1/22/2004: Fantastic! The results for the state board exams have now been posted - as of this moment, 92% of our graduates have received their massage therapy license! Great work, and congratulations to you all!

UPDATE 5/16/2003: KeyBank has approved Harmony Path as an educational institution, so our students and their families can now apply for tuition assistance via Key CareerLoans and Key AchieverLoans (see FAQ page).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are receiving high school transcripts for many potential applicants, but we do not have a phone number to contact some of these applicants. If you have asked your high school to send us transcripts, PLEASE CALL US at 440-333-6633 and clearly leave your name and phone number.


The History page tells how the school began, and some milestones

The Details page tells some specifics about the program and costs

The About Frank page talks about the main instructor, who is also a massage therapist

The About Roseann and Yoga page talks about the main administrator, who is also a yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, and a massage therapist

The Contact Us page has Email addresses and phone numbers

The Catalog/Application page gives access to the school catalog and application forms

The FAQ page has answers to frequently asked questions about our school and our programs

The Pictures page shows images of the school and student activities

The Public Clinic page has information about our school's clinic

This State Board Review page gives information about our review for the massage boards, learning aids, etc.

If you would like to be included on an E-mailing List for Seminars, contact: harmonypath@earthlink.net
PLEASE NOTE: if your E-mail address ever returns as "undeliverable", we immediately delete it from our mailing list -
you would have to send a new request to be re-added to the mailing list.

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