Student Clinic

Harmony Path has a student clinic that is open to the general public. During the Spring 2004 term, starting on March 24, 2004 the clinic will take place on Wednesdays through August 25, 2004 omitting holidays, etc.

During the clinic, students learn how to take medical histories and perform client interviews, and then provide an hour-long massage. Participants must be at the school at 3:30 pm, and are generally finished by 5 pm. The cost of the massage is currently $20, plus $1.60 tax.

Clinic is often booked for weeks in advance, so appointments are necessary. Since clinic is an integral part of the students' learning experience, participants who fail to meet their scheduled appointment and who do not provide adequate notice of their inability to attend may expect to lose the priviledge of making future appointments.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call 440-333-6633

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