What Can We Say About Roseann…

She’s the calm, centered, compassionate person that you’ve always wanted as a friend, role model, and counselor.

She’s not only a licensed massage therapist… she’s also a yoga therapist and a yoga teacher, and lives according to her beliefs. She blends this knowledge and skill set with her years of psychological studies, various forms of energy work, such as Reiki, and detailed knowledge of the human body gained as an athletic trainer.

The result is a mighty, awesome, integrated person that most of us feel privileged to get to know.

If you are interested in attending her yoga classes, or in receiving yoga therapy, please contact Roseann either at the school phone number 440-333-6633 or at her own phone 440-779-6116. She usually has classes at Harmony Path on Monday evenings (5:30-7:00 pm), Wednesday evenings (6:30-8:00 pm), Thursday mornings (9:30-11:00 am), and Thursday evenings (7:30-9:00 pm), but please check before coming to your first class.

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