To register for the review, read this registration form carefully. Print a hardcopy. Please (1) read, SIGN and DATE the materials agreement. Then, (2) FILL IN all the blanks at the bottom. Return the signed, filled-out copy with your check made out to:
Harmony Path School
20950 Center Ridge Rd., Suite 201
Rocky River OH 44116

This is your agreement:
I understand that I am to receive a copy of the handout entitled "Tortora in a Nutshell" for MY own exclusive personal use. I may destroy it any time, but that I may NOT give or loan it to anyone, or allow anyone else to read it. I also may NOT copy this document or its contents, or allow it to be copied by anyone in any manner. If anyone else needs a copy of it, I will have them contact Frank Schwartz directly. As an indication of my professionalism and ethical behavior, I will not violate this agreement.
Signed ____________________________ Date _______________
NAME: _________________________________________________________
STREET ADDRESS: ______________________________________________
CITY, STATE & ZIP: ______________________________________________
HOME PHONE NUMBER: __________________________________________
Your massage school
: ______________________________________________
Are you planning to attend Boards this June? Y or N
One section of the review meets Saturday mornings from 9:00 till 1:00; the other section meets Sunday afternoons from 1:00 till 5:00. Indicate here your first (1) and second (2) choice for a review section, which will be your day for the entire 8 weeks - NO alternating between sections. If we cannot confirm you for your first choice, we will contact you to see if you still wish to attend.
Saturday (Cleveland)_________ or Sunday (Mansfield)______________
Registration cannot be done "at the door", since handouts must be prepared in advance.
Applicants will be accepted in the order in which we receive the fully completed registration form and fees. Please do not send this application by Registered or Certified mail, as we are not available to sign for mail during delivery hours. This will delay processing and may result in late fees or being closed out of the class.
Cost for review is $150 if fully completed registration form & tuition is received before April 5, 2004. The review cost for late registration (after that date) is $175. PLEASE NOTE: on your check, only put the amount for your registration fee - do NOT combine with payments for other review materials, if any - use a separate check for such orders. There is a $25 fee on all payments that fail to clear for NSF or other reasons.
The study guide "Tortora in a Nutshell" is provided to you as part of the review. Students who already have purchased a copy may deduct $10 from the prices listed above, if they want to use their own copy.
Class space for this review is limited to the size of room that the facility can provide.
In the case of insufficient enrollment, the review section will be canceled and enrollment fees will be returned.
TO SPEED CONFIRMATION of your enrollment, please send an Email with your name to:
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