What Can We Say About Frank…

He’s the teacher that you always wished you had for the sciences.

He’s clear, articulate, logical, funny, and friendly.

He makes learning enjoyable!

Students are always commenting about his wonderful teaching abilities, and want to sign up for whatever classes he’s teaching! Students that take the review for the Medical Boards report that Frank taught them more in 8 short weeks that they had learned throughout their entire 1 to 2 year programs. And they reported understanding concepts that had eluded them up until then. Review students often express the wish that they could have had Frank as their teacher for their entire training.

He has not only been teaching human anatomy and physiology for many years… he’s also a licensed massage therapist with a private practice. This means that while he’s teaching you the sciences, he can relate this information to massage therapy. And, when he’s teaching you massage therapy, his anatomical references and discussion of physiological effects are firmly based in knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

He can help you put it all together!

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