Harmony Path School of Massage Therapy offers an 18-24 month massage therapy program approved by the Medical Board of the State of Ohio. Successful completion of this program permits the student to sit for the licensure examination in massage therapy offered by the Medical Board of the State of Ohio.

Harmony Path also offers a six month program (21 weeks) approved by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (registration #: 01-12-1611T) . Successful completion of this program confers upon the student a certificate as a Massage Practitioner. All of the time spent in this certification program directly transfers into the massage therapy program, should the student decide to continue her or his studies toward a massage therapy license.

The school is located in Rocky River , a western suburb of Cleveland, across from Westgate. The normal hours of operation for the school are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm.

The current application fee is $55 (non-refundable if the class section is offered).

The current tuition for the massage therapy program is $8,850. The current tuition for the massage practitioner program is $2,550.

The current cost of all books , materials, insurance, etc. for the massage therapy program is approximately $760 (less for the MP program).

The Interview

The interview allows applicants to ask any questions that they may have about our programs and policies, and allows us to share our philosophy. The following points are important to understand about Harmony Path:

Our training acknowledges the importance of both physical and energy work during therapy -- the union of body, mind, and spirit. The touch of massage causes changes in the physical body. These changes alter mental processes in the client, which in turn influence the emotions or spirit of that person. We need to respect the fact that we are addressing all 3 of these levels in our clients during our work.

We are a learning community, which has a two-fold meaning. In the classroom, we learn from each other, contributing our personal knowledge to advance the learning of all. And our students usually form study groups, to work together in the learning process.

During the training, students touch other students and are touched, as we practice massage techniques. Also during the training, students work on members of the general public in clinic.

This college-level education requires a time commitment. Although the time spent in class is 8 hours per week (one 8-hour day), the student should also allocate approximately 2-3 hours outside of class for every hour in class for study time. The Medical Board requires physical attendance at classes, so any and all missed hours must be made up before graduation.

The massage practitioner program also requires that outside of normal class time the student complete 10 hours of hands-on massages. The massage therapy training program also requires that outside of normal class time the student complete 30 hours of hands-on massages, two weekend seminars totaling 28 contact hours, and obtain CPR certification before Junior term.

If a student fails a semester, they have to repeat that semester -- they also have to change days to another class section.

Students launder and bring their own sheets to class. A twin-size "set" (fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase) should be obtained that has some sort of pattern on it. Also bring a towel to class.

Before graduation, a student must give a massage to a massage therapist currently holding a license in Ohio, and receive a satisfactory evaluation from that therapist.

A new Ohio law requires that prior to taking the licensure examination, the applicant must have a ten-finger fingerprint scan submitted to both the FBI and the to Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation for a criminal records check.

During the interview, applicants will see other questions about their past that are asked by the Ohio Medical Board, and also will be shown the graduation and placement rates from Harmony Path for the most recent three years. At the end of the interview, they may be given our enrollment contract to study at their leisure.

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