Freshman term:

Principles of Anatomy & Physiology, by Tortora and Derrickson, 12th edition (Wiley) (9th-12th ok)

The Art of Massage, by Kellogg (Health Research)

Business mastery, by Sohnen-Moe, 4th edition (Sohnen-Moe Assoc.)

Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, by Beck, 4th edition (Delmar Learning)

Medical Terminology, an Illustrated Guide, by Cohen, 6th edition (Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins) (4th-6th ok)

Sophomore term:

Atlas of Human Anatomy, by Netter, 5th edition (Elsevier) (3rd-5th ok)

Basic Clinical Massage Therapy, by Clay and Pounds, 2nd edition (Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins)

Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy, by Lowe (Omeri)

Trail Guide to the Body, by Biel, 4rd edition (Books of Discovery) (3rd-4th ok)

Pathology for Massage Therapists, by Salvo, 2nd edition (Elsevier)

Anatomy of Movement, by Calais-Germain, revised edition (Eastland Press)

The Educated Heart, by McIntosh, 3rd edition (Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins) (2nd-3rd ok)

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